Reviews about Rhino-correct

  • Виолета
    Very quickly came the order. At first, he did not believe that he is going to help me out.I asked just to "play around", But in the end, it cleaned up the nose and down for over 2 months!!! Thank you rhino-correct!
  • Росица
    I strangely didn't like my long nose! Just wanted to check the surgery, but the guy has rhino-correct. On the nose it has truly become shorter and shorter, due to the fact that the edge was back on his feet. In the class all the way!
  • Иванка
    The daughter was crying because of the humpback's nose. She taunted her in the classroom, and she refused to go to school. For all the operations, she is still young, so I decided to try it rhino-correct. On the nose, it has become more fashionable, the daughter of a very, happy!!!
  • Мария
    I'm too scared of plastic surgeons, and general operations. But I don't really like my nose. I saw an ad rhino-correct and decided to go for it on the order. These charges are the responsibility of quickly. The nose was visibly already in 2 weeks!!!
  • Елена
    I highly recommend rhino-correct because it has helped me to get rid of the horrible hump on the nose! Finally, I seem to be the ideal, and men have started to pay attention to me! Thank you very much!
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