Directions for use Rhino-correct

How to use concealer for the nose Rhino-correct?

Correcting for the nose - rhinoplasty without hand operation. Rhino-correct very easy to use. After passing several clinical trials, of course, is that the product will give noticeable results in a short time. Order yours through the official site in Bulgaria. In each pack there is a guide for you to use. For the purposes of the application of Rhino-correct you need to maximize the adherence to the instructions for use.

Wanted to do-correct application The statement
  • Use a concealer for the nose - rhinoplasty and without the operation 3 or 4 times a week.
  • The visible result is rather than 15 minutes per day
  • The changes that you will notice after about a month of use

Remedy correctly set the shape of the nose. The two ends of the clip are the caps made out of silicon together, which makes them easy to use. The clips are universal to the whole of the shape of the nose. A device for applying pressure to the cartilage tissue of the nose, which makes her very closely.

The indications and contra-indications

Correcting the nose, it is designed for people who want to improve the shape of their nose. With long-term use, you can see the red marks on the skin, but they are going very, very quickly. This is as a result of the friction, and it is ok. The spell does not affect the breath, and perfectly safe. If You have experienced trauma to the nose, consult with your physician before using this product.