Rhinoplasty, its features and advice on choosing a surgeon

girl after rhinoplasty

For the first time, primitive rhinoplasty was first performed in ancient India. Then it became customary for thieves to cut off their noses for their cruelty, and craftsmen invented new ones from skin taken from other parts of the body. Today, the method has been improved and it allows you to change or restore shape almost painlessly and safely.

While rhinoplasty remains a highly sought after cosmetic surgery service, plastic surgeons note that it has the lowest patient satisfaction scores compared to other aesthetic procedures.

Some surgeons see the origin of the problem in the patient’s unreasonably high expectation of surgery. Others realize that rhinoplasty is one of the most technically demanding cosmetic surgeries, so there will always be a chance of getting unsuccessful results.

Indications for rhinoplasty

There are two types of this plastic surgery: restorative and cosmetic. The first may be indicated by a doctor to correct problems that interfere with physiological processes of the body (for example, with difficulty breathing due to a nasal injury). The second type is designed to restore or change shape. Accordingly, indications for this procedure may be congenital malformations or injuries to the nose. Also, rhinoplasty of the tip of the nose is often done to slightly change your appearance, making it more attractive.

How is rhinoplasty performed?

In most cases, this plastic surgery is done so that the scars are not visible. To do this, an incision is made in the nostril. Next, the surgeon performs a series of manipulations to change the shape and size of the nose. Sometimes implants or cartilage can be implanted during the procedure. At the end of the operation, a bandage and plaster are applied to the face to fix the result, and a tampon is placed in the nostril. Rhinoplasty rarely lasts more than an hour and a half, after which the patient can leave the clinic within a day.

How to choose a good doctor?

Although rhinoplasty is a relatively common procedure, it still remains complicated. Therefore, it is important to find an experienced surgeon. But here the main thing is not to overdo it, because older doctors absorb new information worse, and therefore, do not use modern methods in their work.

Of course, the best advisor in choosing a surgeon is your friend or relative who has turned to a specialist who has the same problem. If not, then on the Internet you will certainly find special resources with ratings of doctors and reviews about them from clients.

You will make the final decision when you visit some surgeons and see the results of the work. During the consultation, be sure to ask the doctor about his education, place of training and the clinic where he worked before. Also, immediately tell us the results you expect from rhinoplasty. The specialist will select the most appropriate method of surgery for you and will provide all the information on how the procedure will work. Pay attention to the answers: they must be accurate, understandable and fast. If the interlocutor is hesitant, then he has something to hide and better turn to another expert.